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Newbury Metal Products car ports and covers are an elegant addition to any home.With over 40 years of experience, NMP pride themselves on their covers which are individually measured, manufactured and fitted by their own craftsmen to a very high standard.All covered areas create a dry, weatherproof area to enable all sorts of activities to continue during inclement weather - car maintenance, children’s play area, D.I.Y., washing or drying areas.
Covered areas are also better for your car/caravan or boat, the flow of air will reduce humidity and prevent corrosion.

Established in 1965 with the first car port structures produced in 1970, Newbury Metal Products has been based in Bone Lane, Newbury for 44 years. Over these years, it has developed in to a design/manufacturing unit, supplying covers to the whole of Great Britain plus parts of Northern Europe.
We offer a quick and efficient service, from the supply of full colour literature, site surveys, planning (if required), manufacture and fitting.

Contact our sales office for a polite, efficient response to any question you may have, regarding our wide range of structures. Thank you.


Newbury Metal Products Tel: 01635 43921 sales@carportsnmp.co.uk