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Motorhome & Caravan Covers

Motorhome and Caravan Covers

Large and small made to measure caravan covers. Side and end skirts for extra protection.



Double 5.3m x 6.0m x 3m high caravan and car cover. Pitching front to back. Mounted on decorative brackets. Left hand side enclosed with 16mm thick polycarbonate for extra protection against prevailing winds.Structure supported on 70 x 70 box section post. Finished in black nylon.



Roof structure 1 : 100 x 50 x 20 2mm steel structure creating a loading capacity of 72k/sqm

Roof structure 2 : 150 x 75 x 20 2mm loading capacity of 101k/sqmStainless steel screws, nuts and hooks

Supports: 50mm dia. flocoat tubing

Box Supports: 70 x 70 and 100 x 100

Standard model: Entire metal structure finished in a protective coat of galvanise

Delux model: finished with a long life coating of nylon polyester for good looks and a maintenance-free life of many years, which comes in choice of colours

Roof Covering: Greca translucent complying with (Class 1 Fire Rating to BS47S-477) 10 year UV Protection Guarantee

Guttering: PVC square flow 115mm


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